Actress Kayla Kelly demonstrates her dramatic/comedic chops in newly released short

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The thing a girl has to do today to get a date!

In this two-minute short film,  actress Kayla Kelly demonstrates both her dramatic and comedic chops.  As an actress from Michigan’s upper peninsula, we can see in this film, starring Kelly and Officer Hansen from the Chicago PD, we can see why she is quickly establishing herself as an actress of noteworthy skills.

In this vignette,  Kelly, as Allison Kellogg, appears in her bathrobe watching from afar a man with whom she had had a date.  Tearful, embittered, obviously obsessed,  with binoculars in hand,  she is disturbed by a knock at her door when Officer Hansen from the Chicago PD arrives.

With clipboard in hand, Officer Hansen enters the room and addresses several complaints his department had received from a Jared Johnson.  Johnson had complained that she had been stalking him for the past few weeks.

She tries denying allegations as she has binoculars in her hands.  She was “bird watching.”

Crying she wants to know why he was cheating on her.  She had “drawn hearts with their names on them on their car windows. ”  She had “left him pictures with love notes under the door of his apartment when he’s not home. ”  She had “showed up where he was going to be every night to surprise him. But that’s just too thoughtful.”

Mr. Johnson had confirmed that they had gone on one date three months ago.

“He needs his space.  Well here’s your space, Jared.”

Officer Hansen remarks that he can’t understand why “he wouldn’t want all that attention.” as he offers her a tissue from a box on the dresser.

Kellogg calls him “Officer Handsome” as she realizes that the is not married.

He offers her some coffee “down at the station. ”

She removes her robe to reveal that she is fully dressed.  “And donuts?”

This short also demonstrates that in addition to acting skills,  Kelly is also a gifted screenwriter.

Entitle this short, “When he really just needs his space“?

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