The Darren L. Brown directed ‘The Yousers’ premieres February 29

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“The Yousers” places romance, betrayal, and suspense squarely against a reinvigorated metropolitan Detroit!

January 28, 2020, DETROIT, MI– A wife’s suspicion becomes her obsession when she finds out her husband is cheating. She decides to pay him back by cheating with the same woman.

Join Visual Aide films along with Darren Brown and cast for “The Yousers” Red Carpet Premiere  on Saturday, February 29, 2020, at the Bel Aire Luxury Cinema, 10100 8 Mile Rd. East,  Detroit, MI.  Showtimes 7:00-10:00 PM.

Starring Lulu Dahl, Don Snipes, and Jai Fears. “The Yousers” is the tale of a seemingly unassuming couple overtaken by a city on the rebound. After decades of courting a nationally infamous reputation, Detroit has now evolved into a sprawling metropolitan that easily seduces the young and unexperienced with fine dining, exposed brick, and floor-to-ceiling windows. The visual decadence almost calls away from teeming jealousy, secrecy, and sexual exploration inspired by Mariah Youser’s (Lulu Dahl) incessant pursuit of the truth about Dre Youser (Don Snipes), her husband and rising entertainment agent dealing with his agency’s largest and most problematic client. When Moria gets the feeling that the love of her life is being unfaithful, it sets her out on a daring path that risks the unraveling of her perfect life. Can this family survive under the pressure of her husband’s professional ambition and their looming infidelity?

“The Yousers” is the 7th feature-length project for award-winning director Darren Brown whose passion for urban storytelling has always included the universal accessibility of his characters as the foundation for imaginative and transformative cinema. His labyrinth of work includes celebrated independent releases like Pope as well as the cult-classic web series Dead Wrong.

Darren Brown Passion Projects is excited to extend invitations to members of Detroit’s entertainment press and appreciate any opportunities for features, movie reviews, or cast interviews.

Please forward press credentials via email at or via phone 313.450.2042. Limited press accommodations are available.

Buy your tickets from Eventbrite.

About Visual Aide
Visual Aide partners with actors, crew, and local businesses across the mid-western region to create premier urban dramas, digital shorts, and web series.  The film company’s work has been recognized and celebrated at numerous festivals like International Trinity Filmmakers (Best Director) and Texas Black Film Awards.

In continuing the evolution of filmmaking in the mid-west, the founder of Visual Aide, Darren Brown, established the Detroit Filmmakers Awards to express Brown’s dedication to creating an inclusive, sustainable indie-film network whose support endures long beyond the first screening.

For complimentary press accommodations to the screening of The Yousers or to feature the cast of The Yousers in your publication or media outlet, please forward press credentials to or contact 313.450.2042. Limited press accommodations available.

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