Renika McQueen-Echol’s ‘Cain and Abel’ now has a new poster and an official trailer

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Renika McQueen-Echol’s ‘Cain and Abel’ now has a new poster and an official trailer.   This is the second feature film written by McQueen-Echol.


In this new poster, we see brothers Cain and Abel squaring off at each other.

“Cain and Abel” is a classic tale of jealousy, envy, and betrayal turned on its head. We follow the story of twin brothers who’s hardships put them both on very different paths. Created by Renika Mcqueen-Echols and directed by Kamal Smith, this thrilling adaptation will capture the true meaning of brotherhood.

Said McQueen-Echol regarding “Cain and Abel,” God gave me a vision some years back. I never finished it because it wasn’t meant to be finished at that time. He just wanted me to have the vision for this timeframe.

“Originally this was a book titled, “My brother’s Keeper.” Just last year I decided to change the name and make it a movie. This movie is going to have you emotional, angry, shocked and definitely waiting to see what I have next up my sleeve!”


Starring Jeremi Farrar, Justin Farrar, Ageel T. Ash-Shakoor, Jackie P. Jordan, Jeremiah J. Crawford, Germaine L. Crawford, among others, “Cain and Abel” is screenwritten and directed by Kamal Smith, based upon a story by Renika McQueen-Echols. Cinematography by Dylan Sides’ Video Fusion. Edited by Renika McQueen-Echols. It is a Chase & Conner Production. Executive Produced by McQueen-Echols.

“Cain and Abel” is scheduled for release in 2020.

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