Oakland University presents 7th Annual Creative Showcase online August 26-Aug 30

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Oakland University Film will present the 7th Annual Creative Showcase online starting this Wednesday, August 26- August 30.  This virtual event will screen on a website specifically for this event.  This website will include projects curated from across courses and events that are part of the Film Studies and Production program  All will have until Sunday, August 30th to watch the films.

Then, on Sunday at 7pmall are invited to join the faculty of the Film Studies and Production program for a presentation and award ceremony via Zoom.  A link will be sent out next week with the launch of the website.


About Oakland University’s Film Studies and Production Program


Cinema Studies students work closely with OU faculty to gain a thorough understanding of film history, critical approaches to film, and filmmaking. Students choose either the B.A. in film, with its focus on a critical studies perspective, or the B.A. in film production, with its focus on hands-on digital film production.

This wide-ranging and intensive program provides Film Studies and Production majors and minors with the critical-thinking, communication, and production skills to enter careers within the film industry and a variety of other professions.

The Film Studies and Production (formerly the Cinema Studies program) at Oakland University is dedicated to interdisciplinary and creative investigations of the ways in which moving image works are produced, experienced, valued, and assigned meaning in culture and around the world.


B.A. in Film
The B.A. in Film is a liberal arts-based program in film history, theory and criticism, including coursework in film genres, aesthetics, industry, and technology, filmmaking and screenwriting, as well as advanced seminars. It culminates in a capstone course in which students do substantive research and writing on topics ranging from eco-cinema to Hollywood stardom, from Detroit media to audience and reception theory.

B.A. in Film Production
The B.A. in Film Production is a liberal arts-based B.A. with a solid base in film history and theory joined by a specialized sequence of filmmaking courses. The broad-based approach gives students hands-on experience with every aspect of narrative, documentary, essay, short-form and experimental filmmaking, from writing scripts, directing and cinematography to editing and post-production effects work. It culminates in an intensive capstone course that enables students to graduate having produced a substantive thesis film project.

For more information about OU Film Studies and Production, please contact Professor Andrea Eis at eis@oakland.edu. For academic advising, please contact Professor Bridget Kies at bkies@oakland.edu.


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