Tune in tonight to meet the cast of Kenneth M. Williams ‘Smokin’ Good’ filmed in Detroit

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Tune into tonight to the live IG event, Sunday, April 11, 2021,  for this show written by Ken Williams and filmed here in Detroit!  This Live program will air tonight at 5:00 PM PST/8:00 PM EST on Instagram Live @smokingoodseries.

“Smokin’ Good” is a crime series that follows August Good, a Black man making a better world for his family and community by fighting to establish equity in cannabis.  From an illegal past to a legal present, Good is determined to turn his life around.  And he feels that cannabis is his golden ticket to prosperity, however, along the way, he encounters many hurdles including enemies from the street, jealous family members, bitter ex-girlfriends, backstabbing partners, and unscrupulous political forces.

This show will give the average viewer a taste of what the industry is, and from a very unique perspective of a Black man’s point of view.  From the streets to the boardroom, this is a story which never gets old.

Written by Kenneth M. (Octavis Gray) Williams, directed by Shiek Mahmud Bey and Kamal Smith, with cinematography by Sean Snider, the “Smokin’ Good” tv series stars Shiek Mahmud Bey as August, Kamal Smith as Darius, London Smith as Marion, Hala Maroni as Nadia Khouri, Daniel Fernando Acosta as Detroit Red, Antoine Jackson as Kam Kameron, and Malachi Lee as Tatum Myles, among others.

This Live program offers to introduce you to the cast of this Television series tonight. Host Steven Strickland sits down with co-creator, actor, director, producer Shiek Mahmud-Bey @shiekmahmudbey, Actress Kahina Vashti @toasted_sugar_n_wasabi, and Rodriana Jordan @rodriana_, AKA “The Goods”.

Join us on IG live this Sunday for an exclusive insight into the family life and world of “The Goods”. You will want to tune in.



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