J. B. Armstrong’s ‘Solomon’ will be available for rental and purchase starting April 27th

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A chance meeting with an elderly black psychiatrist shakes up the insipid life of a young white writer.  Set in Detroit,  Solomon is a story of preconceptions, faith, race, and relationships that explores the life-changing effects of a meeting between two very different people from very different backgrounds and the unshakeable bond that develops between them.

“Solomon” is the story of two men who navigate the differences between race, age, and life philosophies, things that could rip them apart, to become friends.  It is  a story about love and relationships. Dominick Darga (Chris Newman), a struggling young white writer who has experienced loss, and Solomon (Grover McCants), a retired black psychiatrist who sees Dominick’s potential, but who first must uncover the darkness that lies buried inside of Dominick’s past and crumbling present.

This is a simple, yet effective story with a lot of heart,  a story of an interracial, intergenerational relationship, and the society that surrounds it, and throws in the struggles of a once-proud American city, amidst the struggles of bouncing back,  and the growing diversity of a growing urban community, and you begin to unravel the essence of the Detroit experience.

Said McCants, “Might be my signature performance in a lead role. Been waiting 3 years on the release.”  McCants is one of the most in-demand actors in the Detroit area and throughout Michigan.  With over 50 credited roles to his resume, he has appeared as Detective Nightingale in Devil’s Night: Dawn of the Nain Rouge (2020),  Pastor Brown in A Parent’s Worst Nightmare, and Chief in Faith Under Fire, among other roles.

Written by J.B. Armstrong and Michael Alberstadt, directed by J.B. Armstrong, “Solomon” stars Grover McCants as Solomon, and Chris Newman as Dominick Darga, co-starring Sashani Nicole, a Los Angeles SAG-AFTRA actor as Solomon’s daughter, and playing Sashani’s husband, and the Mayor of Detroit, Jason Triplett,   with Colleen Gentry, and Erika Hoveland in supporting roles, with a stellar cast of other actors.  The cinematography was by Caroline Stucky, and the music by Ryan Clark. Also Executive Producer Heather Buchanan who was instrumental in making it happen.

‘Solomon’s” long-anticipated film release has met with success already.  Nominated for multiple awards,  it has received awards for Best Supporting Actress – Erika Hoveland,  Best Editing – Michael Pochotko, Best Soundtrack – Ryan Clark,  They also received the coveted “People’s Choice Award” from the I See You Awards this past week.

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