(Watch) Rapture Chronicles Episode 4

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The Rapture Chronicles is a collection of fictional stories of how the rapture might take place, unfortunately, the stories will become someone’s reality! It is our hope that each story will cause viewers to have the desire to prepare themselves for Jesus’ return>

Each episode is produced by Dray Hill for Churchouse Productions.

This advertisement is a collection of some of the clips of the released episodes.

To view each episode in its entirety click the link below.


Tomorrow….at 12 Noon until 2 PM EST The Rapture Chronicles 2 Hour marathon will begin playing on the Rhema Television Network!!! www.watchrtn.tv

This is a perfect time to watch the first four episodes, back to back!!! Right now these are fictional stories but one day they will be someone’s reality!!! Believe it or not, it’s going to happen!!!! Make sure to tune in!

Just click here www.watchrtn.tv tomorrow, Friday 22 @ 12 Noon est.

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