Nicholas Holland’s “An Intrusion” can now be seen online

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It’s here! You can now watch “An Intrusion” on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Spectrum, DirecTV, Dish Network, Vudu, Verizon, and more! The first round of theatrical releases also happened in NYC, LA, Texas, Detroit, and Minnesota.

A full day-and-date theatrical/VOD/DVD/BluRay was released on Thanksgiving weekend after a series of new media and festival premieres in October, Gravitas Ventures The distribution deal was negotiated by Jeff Cooper of Cut Entertainment on the behalf of the filmmakers, along with Gravitas’ Tony Piantedosi, Vice President of Acquisitions for Gravitas.

Began before the pandemic lockdown, with principal production finished in December, it has resumed with pick-up shots and post-production work being done with attention given the CDC protocols followed. There was a medical staff on the set as this movie was being filmed.

Filmed in and around Detroit and Lake Orion, with scenes for the movie being shot at several locations area residents will quickly recognize – from restaurants to Lake Orion Village Hall, a home on Lake Orion’s Dollar Bay, and in the Vezina Law Firm, the film, set to be released in mid-2020, was directed and written by Nick Holland of White Lake and produced by Sam Logan Khaleghi of West Bloomfield.

Written and directed by Nicholas Holland for Diamond Dead Media in association with SLK Media Group and Laugh Cry Productions, with Emmy nominee Logan Khaleghi among the producers., “An Intrusion” stars Keir Gilchrist (known for Netflix Atypical), Scout Taylor-Compton, Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings), Sam Logan Khaleghi, Michael Emery, and Dustin Prince, and local actresses Kayla Kelly, Erika Hoveland, and Angelina Cama.

As this narrative unfolds, a family is subjected to a series of home invasions, physical threats, and psychological torture. The family’s daughter is followed to school by a stalker. Is what the family is experiencing the father’s fault? Is his infidelity to blame? Can he keep his indiscretions from his wife?  The man, Sam Hodges (played by Dustin Prince) is terrorized by a malicious stalker, fears the attacks may be tied to secrets he has violently kept from his family. This is the premise for Nicholas Holland’s “An Intrusion,” a taut psychological thriller.

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