The official trailer for Randy Scott Dies/Silverwing Entertainment’s ‘Paradise Lodge’ has dropped

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Slasher films are an acquired taste. A subgenre of horror films, they normally involve a serial killer murdering a group of people, usually by use of bladed tools. Slasher films experienced their “Golden Age” between 1978 and 1984.

Randy Scott Dies has a very good grasp of what matters in these films. A fan, he wanted to create something with a real ’80s feel.    This is evident in his official trailer for “Paradise Lodge,” a Silverwing Entertainment production.

As with many films created in that era,  this one has a group of friends gathering in a remote cabin far removed from civilization, a familiar setup. Gathering to remember a friend who had died two years prior.  what this group is not aware of the surrounding woods are occupied by a maniac lurking around who will methodically reduce their numbers one by one.

Randy started production on this film on July 8 in Hillman, Michigan. Joining forces with his friend Dale Hills,  they were originally shooting for a release date of December 2021. Although they wrapped post-production in December,  they are looking to release the film early this year, 2022.

Being reminiscent of an 80s slasher film, Randy assures us we can anticipate a lot of blood, gut, and gore? Randy Relates, “We wanted it to be a real slasher and go for the R-rating, not play it safe. The entire cast was 100% on board for that and in some cases, that’s why they signed on. As far as to scream queens, I’d have to say the number one is Dale Hills. But all the girls in the film can bring it.”

“Paradise Lodge” stars Dale Hills (Final Session (2019), Blood Moon and Paradise Lodge (2021), Milo O’Brien,  Jared Kuzich One More Flip (2021), D.P.D. Echo 1 (2018),  Stacey Saunders Tale of Tails (2021), Betrayed (2018),Elyssa Smith (A Tooth for a Tooth (2016), Tammy Cunningham (The Gill Deacon Show (2007), Dennis Pank Stranded (2016), Beneath Us All and Enigma (2019), and Tyler Lafave. Co-Written by Randy Dies and Dale Hills, directed by Randy Die, Executive Produced by Kaitlyn Van Malsen

Regarding plans for release, Randy reveals,  “
We are planning on doing a red carpet premiere in Detroit. From there we may look at festivals, as well. I don’t plan on dropping it on digital right away. If the first 30 minutes of footage tells me anything it’s that this cast deserves every opportunity I can make for them.”

About Randy Scott Dies
Born Aug 26, 1987, Randy began writing when he was about 9 or 10 years old by telling a story to his grandmother and having her type for him. At the age of 12, he self-published a book in some local bookstores and got the bug for storytelling.

He took up theater acting as well as music and after 10 years playing in bands and touring he decided to follow his true passion….. storytelling.

Randy is the founder and owner of Silverwing Entertainment in Grand Rapids MI and has a list of projects in the works with the various division’s of his company, his dream is not to be a billionaire but to make a living bringing entertainment to adults and children around the world by taking them on a journey of imagination and wonder.

For more information
Randy Dies Facebook page
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