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The short film “Alpine” written and directed by Hayward Crawford is now available to watch on Vimeo on Demand.   Clocking in at just under 17 minutes, this is the sixth short film created by filmmaker/director/producer.content creator Hayward Crawford.

A cautionary horror-thriller, “Alpine” examines the dark consequences of displacing a native group of indigenous people. It asks, when left for dead or forced out of their homeland, instead of fading off into extinction like many of the other tribes before them, what if emerging out of the darkness they evolve into something more sinister? What if instead of becoming the silenced victims, they become the silent victors?

As this short film opens, Jimmie Chiapelli’s character awakens, his head bloodied and against another body in repose. He starts to sprint through the woods but stops on a crudely made bridge to replenish his flask. From a high aerial perspective, he is seen chased by two indigenous people in native garb,  a male, and a female.  Stopping momentarily,  he is bitten by the female character which makes him fall to the ground.  Once on the ground,  she stabs him with a knife. The male character jumps on him and starts to wrestle.  The male runs off.  Standing, Jimmie takes an arrow to the back of the head.

Written and directed by Hayward Crawford, “Alpine” stars Jimmie Chiappelli,  Alana White, Timothy Smith, London Bradley, with Aubrey Franklin and Shelby Bradley,  Alex Gasparetto was the Director of Photography on this short film, Kyle McNamara and Greg Qualls were the film editors, and Trevor Jensen and DJ Alvin provided the musical score “Alpine” was filmed in the backwoods of Michigan.  This is a Late Blooker Black Film.

About Hayward Crawford

Hayward Crawford is a Film Director, Writer, and Producer from Michigan. A graduate of Wayne State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Media Arts and Studies and certification in directing and production from the Motion Picture Institute of Michigan. Hayward picked up a camera for the first time at age 19 in the form of a Sony PD-170 mini DV tape unit. He later served his first Producer role in the student short film ‘Imaeatchu’ (2011)

His other early ‘below the line’ production credits included ‘Destined’ starring Cory Hardrict and Jesse Metcalfe (director Qasim Basir) ‘Eloise’ starring Eliza Dushku and Robert Patrick and ‘Dial A Prayer’ starring William H. Macy and Brittany Snow. As a Producer, the short film ‘Akoma’ (director Alex Gasparetto) won the local Channel 4 Film Challenge Detroit Award for best short film in 2016, and as Producer for short film ‘Affliction’ went on to win the 2019 Emerging Filmmaker Award at the Trinity International Film Festival.

Hayward’s directing credits include short films ‘One out of Ten’, ‘Alpine,’ and upcoming ‘Project U’ as well as various documentaries, comedy sketches, and music videos since 2007. Hayward moved to Los Angeles, California in 2019, getting his start at Verve Talent and Literary Agency in the mailroom.

Hayward co-produced his first feature-length film ‘Affliction’ later that year and his profile was featured in Voyage LA Magazine. In addition to his own regular filmmaking work, Hayward is currently a Development Assistant on the upcoming full length animated feature film ‘Mosquito: The Bite of Passage’ which was in development at Blue Sky Studios / Disney and is an adaption of the 2016 award-winning USC short film which starred Nickelodeon’s All That’s Alisa Reyes. The recent short film he produced ‘Love is Patient, Love is Kind’ (director Kyle Sammy) was picked as an Official Selection in the 2021 Denton Black Film Festival

Hayward continues to write, direct and produce his own independent content between Detroit and Los Angeles, which includes developing feature film screenplay ‘Blipster Love’. An avid traveler and adventurer, his long-term life goal is to direct/produce a short film and/or music video in every U.S. state and every continent in the world. Hayward coaches other filmmakers to discover their own superpowers and become the best storytellers they can be.

For more on Hayward Crawford check out his IMDb page
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